Experience the Power of The Collective

2 Day Immersion into Living Life to the Fullest

Barcelona  |   May 2-3, 2020

Have you ever imagined joining a tribe that is supportive of living your dreams and being your authentic expression?

After working with thousands of patients and clients as an Energetic Healer and Doctor over the past 8 years, I have noticed that more people together in one room, the more energy is created as a collective which speeds up transformation and healing processes.

The more energy we create as a collective, the easier it is to:

  • Create YOUR dream life AND help others to do the same
  • Access the power of manifesting Abundance with Ease


There is infinite energy available...


The physical human body is limited by time and space. 

However, as energetic beings, we have infinite potential.


This is why I have decided to create an immersion experience...


It's called the Align to Abundance Seminar.


In this seminar, you will learn to connect to infinite energy and use it to manifest the abundance that you want in your life.

This seminar is supercharged!


Get Ready!

This is not your typical seminar.


This weekend is jam-packed with experiences of Abundance, Flow, Fun, and Creation.


This immersion seminar involves inner transformation, which can lead to experiences of emotional release and transformation of deep-rooted limiting patterns.

In my experience, this is the fastest and most efficient way to move past any inner limitations that are blocking a person’s success, happiness or life purpose.

Although there can be temporary discomfort when going outside of your comfort zone, there is exponential positive change that flows through you as a result.

This seminar is for people that are ready to dig deep.


It is for those who want to release what no longer serves them so they can live a truly abundant life.


In other words, if you are not ready for change and you are afraid to go out of your comfort zone, this is not a seminar for you.

What you will experience during 2 full days...

  • Energetic and Breath work processes

    that will help you liberate yourself from inner limitations and energetic blocks, so you can find greater alignment to your life purpose.

  • Clarity on your Life Purpose

    and learn tools to create abundance in alignment with your purpose.

  • Two Alignment Sessions for energy flow

    that will help you get more inner happiness and self-love.

  • Meet like-minded, Heart-centered people

    who are also dedicated to abundance and growth.

  • A UNIQUE Collective Manifesting Circle

    to amplify and speed up what you want to manifest into reality.

  • Accelerated Inner Transformation

    to manifest and create your dreams quickly.

    Meet your Host - Dr. Stanzie Langtree

    Tune into your higher purpose with Dr. Stanzie



    I’m an Energetic Healer, Doctor, and International Speaker.


    Throughout the years, I have developed transformative programs to help people reconnect to their higher purpose,

    attract abundance, and cultivate

    inner happiness.


    This has led me to work with thousands of celebrities, leaders, and entrepreneurs worldwide. 

    I am currently traveling on a global tour, living my dreams, and helping others to live their dreams too.

    While working in my practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I discovered my abilities to work with energy. 

    Through energetic healing, I realized that I could help my patients move beyond pain, confusion, and stuck emotion with quick and efficient energetic methods that I developed.


    Energetic Alignment Workshop in Saumur, France 2019

    The transformations in my chiropractic practice where monumental, clients were healing their bodies and their lives.


    They were having clarity, attracting abundance with ease, and living their live's to the fullest!

    My methods became so popular that this led me to work with clients all over the world including celebrities in many different countries!

    Meeting and working with Tony Robbins

    Eventually, I had to leave my chiropractic practice to continue traveling the world offering online courses, seminars, and retreats to help people live happy, fulfilled lives!

    Awaken Your Inner Truth Retreat in Bali

    I believe that every person on this planet has the ability to access the abundance of life and the joy of living life with purpose… That means you can too!


    In the Align to Abundance Seminar, you will experience many tools and techniques that I have developed over many years of working in my practice, and these tools have proven to be successful in helping my patients and clients to live in alignment with their purpose and abundance.


    Also, there are many benefits from the collective energy that is created from the group experience. It has been shown to help people manifest faster what they are wanting in life.

    A special Place for a special Event

    We have chosen a very special place in the area of Barcelona...


    The location details will be provided after registration.


    Choose what is right for you...

    Seats are limited - Register NOW to secure your spot!

    Align to Abundance Seminar
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    • Healthy Lunch for 2 days

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    • BONUS! Follow-up online Live Session after the event

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    Align to Abundance Seminar
    Two Tickets 

    • Tickets for 2 persons for the 2 days Seminar

    • Healthy Lunch for 2 persons for 2 days

    • Access to the Align to Abundance secret Facebook group

    • Bonus! Follow-up online Live Session after the event


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    • April 15-30 = $1444

    Two tickets:

    • March 1-14 = $1111/pers. (includes Follow-up Online Live Session Bonus)
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    • April 15-30 = $1333/pers.

    Single Ticket for the
    Seminar + Access to the Align to Abundance Online Course Basic

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    • Lifetime access to Align to Abundance Online Course + Bonuses


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    Special Package

    Available until March 15

    Working with Stanzie...

    "In my personal relationship with my husband, I said to him: "You're gonna see the person that you fell in love with 26 years ago, because I can feel her and I'm in love with her again..."
    [...] Stanzie's knowledge and experience is overwhelming and you just know there's just so much more, you can ask her any question.


    Apart from learned knowledge, she's got wisdom that she has not learned here. So I felt safe to be able to come here and evolve."

    "Stanzie is an absolute gift to humanity. I love the fact that she's a Doctor, she's gone through the traditional path of studying in University, understanding the human anatomy and the body. [...]


    Stanzie's work has impacted my life by opening up something that I always knew was there... you become connected again and become yourself... and in doing that you become such a more productive and powerful human being."

    "I've been on a journey of self discovery and Stanzie is part of that.


    Enlightening does not even touch with the magnitude of what this week has been like. I feel so connected with myself, and everything that I'm here on this planet to do now."

    "I've been able to really get in touch with a lot of my feelings that I haven't been able to connect with ...


    It's just been very liberating for me. 

    I'm very grateful for Stanzie's wisdom, and her ability to reach people at their heart, and at their core... There really aren't many words that I can use to describe what this has done for me. It has been a very internal journey..."

    "I've discovered how to be myself, without any barriers, any walls and any fear of being my most authentic self.

    I feel I'm able to connect so deeply with people because I don't have those fears anymore..."

    "Thank you so so much Stanzie for the Energetic Alignment that we did earlier this week... It was truly, truly just life altering, it was truly amazing."

    "Stanzie, thanks a lot for everything you shared with us. It was just an amazing trip for me, like a journey...


    I'm not used to that feeling of energy and I'm very grounded and mathematical... You took me from where I was to somewhere else. 


    Opening my heart, opening my vision, opening what I am, and getting much more power... "

    "I could not imagine what has happened today. It was really amazing, I really felt energy.


    It's the first time in my life I felt energy like this in my heart, in my soul, in my body...[...]


    I feel more than fully aligned right now."


    I'm already a member of the Align to Abundance Online Course, is this Seminar for me?

    Yes! You will benefit from the collective energy created in the seminar to speed up your manifestations. Also, you will meet heart-centered people that you have already met in live sessions or in the Facebook group. Plus, you will get to connect with Dr. Stanzie in person and experience her energy live!

    I have attended one or several of your retreats, why should I join the seminar?

    If you have already participated in a retreat with Dr. Stanzie, you will not only experience a good tune-up, you will also reconnect and get the energy flowing again, especially if it has been a while.  
    You will also have a brand new experience as we will focus on manifesting your dreams, and on accelerated results by connecting to the overflowing collective energy created by this group.
    Repetition is the key to mastery, so it's always beneficial to return to a seminar to refresh, get new perspectives, and learn from the experiences of the group.

    Where will the Seminar be held?

    We will meet in Barcelona. Exact address will be provided in a few days to registrants.

    What time will the Seminar start and end?

    We will welcome the participants at 9 am on Saturday and start at 10 am until 9 pm. And on Sunday, we will start at 9 am and finish the seminar at 8 pm.