How to Live Fully and
Create more Abundance in your Life
with Clarity, Confidence and Ease.

Prosperity, Enjoying Life, Meaningful Relationships, Feeling Healthy, And Truly ALIVE. 
This is what Abundance is all about.

Have you ever wanted to...

    • Be able to create what you want in your life more efficiently and quickly?
    • Feel more confident on an everyday basis?
    • Work less and have faster results?
    • Live your infinite potential with passion?
    • Be able to take action easily and quickly?
    • Have clarity on your purpose?
    • Know how to trust your intuition?
    • Create a life from your authentic self and thrive?

Here is the deal...

Most people who want to live an abundant life do not succeed to do so…



Well, they do not implement or have the tools to get there, so they don’t get the results. Bummer.


This is why I’d like to share with you this game changing message to guide you to true abundance.

A new method to create what you want in your life with ease...

What I’m going to share with you is not like any personal growth advice
you have heard before...

  • It is not a "getting pumped up" message,

    Neither  "take massive action" 

    Or a "huge efforts involved" 

    set of tools to implement,

    which often lead people to burn out.



    It is a complete step by step method

    to become in alignment with your higher purpose

    to help you prioritize what's aligned for you.


    And to focus your energy efficiently. 

    This method allows you to create more of what you want - faster and easier.

"Dreams do come true when you follow your calling."

This method is for you if you are an ACHIEVER.

If you feel you are playing small... maybe only a small percentage of your true potential...


And you may have already achieved a lot, but you still feel empty or stuck... you just want to get to the next level.

Hi, my name is
Stanzie Langtree!

I’m an energetic healer, doctor and international speaker.

Throughout the years, I have developed transformative programs

to help people reconnect to their higher purpose,

attract abundance,

and cultivate happiness.


This has led me to work with thousands of celebrities, leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide, live my dreams, and travel the globe doing what I love.


Back when I started my journey as a chiropractor, 

life was not as easy and thrilling...

Let's go back to 2013. I’m really struggling internally. Having a lot of challenges…


And feeling frustrated... 


Because I have all those things that I’m passionate about... and I know there there's more to life than what I'm living.




I’m feeling stuck in this tiny little chiropractic practice that I have in Portland, Oregon. It is a time-consuming career that I’m not fully aligned with... And I have all these limiting beliefs such as, "I have to work really hard and for a long time before I’m able to travel or even have vacations."


So I’m tired, worn out, and physically run down… 


To the point that my doctor says to me "You need to STOP and take a break."


In addition to that, I’m in a toxic relationship that is leaving me anxious and stressed out all the time. Things are getting so bad, that I abruptly have to leave this relationship because it is abusive. I have to move into a new apartment, and I barely have enough money to pay for the deposit and the rent. This is the worst.

And I’m freaked out, wondering how I will make it...


I end up so stressed and anxious that I have to start anxiety medication.

Until one day...

I decide to go to lunch with a good friend who is a meditation teacher. I was having a meltdown, even crying tears into my lunch, and she said, "You know what, you need to do a meditation and make sure you do it every day." Also, she gave me a book called "The big leap."


This is the day when I decided I would meditate every day AND detox my life... Detox all the negativity, that past relationship, the chemical stressors of medication... and I would start eating healthy and take care of myself.

That day, I realized it was up to me to make the changes in my life.

So, I started watching personal growth videos online with people like Tony Robbins and other local healers in Portland.


From then, I started on a path of spiritual and personal development which opened up my intuition, higher purpose, and connection to energy.

With Tony Robbins

...And through energetic healing my energy state started to change.

For the very first time, I was able to feel true happiness and gratitude. I realized that there was so much more that I could be enjoying in my life. Plus, I had clarity on what I wanted to bring to the world.


Around that time, I started to work more holistically in my chiropractic practice. Also, I started to have many intuitive visions about how I should work with people energetically.


I noticed that as I was improving my own energy state, I was quickly moving past blockages in my life and releasing negative emotions.

Additionally, I was doing everything I could to improve my mindset.

Every morning on my way to work, I would listen to upbeat songs while focusing on the good feeling of having a lot of money and being successful. Also, I was writing out intentions and saying positive affirmations… I was trying my best with what I knew at that time.


Then I noticed something interesting... when I left that toxic relationship, I started to have more clients in my chiropractic practice... I had a moment of weakness, and I went back to the toxic ex-boyfriend for a month, and during that month, my business suffered with less clients. Once again, I ended this relationship, and my practice was thriving again!

Interesting feedback from the universe, right?


Also, when I switched into a holistic practice, which was more aligned, my practice success took off even more! The number of clients coming in increased exponentially... which was opposite to what I would have expected, because I changed the entire format of my practice!


Then I had the realization of how important it is to be aligned...

And by combining energetic healing and inner work,

I was able to change my entire life in a positive direction. 

From then on, everything changed in my life. I’ve been able to achieve my dreams, to create financial abundance quickly, connect with people that are heart centered and aligned.

Also, I became much healthier, and I've never had anxiety since!


Basically, this is what happens when you are in alignment.

When you are in alignment, you have more energy to do things you love

...and you attract abundance with ease.

Which passion will you live when you access True Abundance?

People often put a timeframe on when they will do their personal growth or start the spiritual path. 

Or they say,

"Once I have time, then I will do things for myself" or "Once I have money, I’ll go in that seminar"


However, if they start taking action now, they can start the process earlier, and discover who they are and create the life they want more easily.


What most people don’t realize is that they are energetic beings, and they have much more potential than what they are living.


Now, I am passionate about helping people connect to what I have connected to...

to  create abundance as easily as I have.

We all have the ability to connect to the energy of the universe and to ourselves more deeply. 
It’s just a matter of having a guide to help you connect,  and once you connect, then you know.

How do we
Connect to our Higher Purpose ?

Instead of trying to force yourself to get excited about something,

You need to Connect to your Inner Guidance System to get into Alignment.


This is the only way to be filled up with true authentic passion and inspiration from within.


When you are in Alignment and connected to your Higher Purpose everything flows...

You know what you want.

You can make better decisions and choices.


You have more energy and ease,

because it is your truth.


And on a higher level,

it means you are in alignment with the universe,

and the universe has an abundance of energy.


That’s what we want to leverage.

Maybe you have been working hard
to take your Life to the Next Level...

Who could blame you… Since most personal growth programs are based on efforts and pushing. The truth is you can achieve a lot with effort and perseverance.



What if it could be easier than that? And more fun too?


How is it that some people achieve millions or billions of dollars, and yet they still don’t feel happy or abundant?  Well, It is because they are not in alignment. 


Efforting and resistance are the symptoms showing that someone is not in alignment.

True abundance is not how much money you have in your bank account...

but do you feel abundant? 

Are you living abundantly? 


In other words,

It's about having Prosperity, Enjoying Life, Enjoying your Relationships, Feeling Healthy, And feeling

Truly ALIVE.


This is what Abundance is all about.

The money is just an added perk.


Can anyone create true abundance in their life?

There are a lot of spiritual teachers, gurus, and motivators out there who position themselves to be much wiser or knowledgeable than you. 

(Amongst them, some have taken one personal growth course and say they are healers, when they have little to no experience of working with people! OMG.)


Even in some medical and alternative care professions, they lead you to believe that you have to depend on their services to be a better person.

The truth is... we are all connected to the Universe,
and we all have this potential to be abundant when we use the right tools...

As a Yoga teacher and scientist for the past 11 years, I’ve read a lot of research showing meditation helps reduce stress and improve quality of life. Even science proves that we can improve our lives through specific practices.


As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I did 8 years of university studies and research in science labs to learn how the body and brain works, and I've learned the many ways to access a healthier body and mind. 


At the same time as getting my chiropractic degree, I was also getting my Masters in Sports Medicine! I learned how the body functions in it's optimal state and how to help someone achieve peak performance.


Let's just say, I know a lot about the human body and how it works!


And when I was practicing as a Chiropractor, most of my patients were willing to receive energetic healing, and I was able to track the progress of hundreds of patients.

When I worked energetically, my patients had faster improvement physically...

AND they had improvement in their quality of life too!

The energetic approach worked regardless of their previous life experiences or backgrounds... Whether they had childhood traumas, difficult life experiences, or feelings of being stuck without knowing why...


So maybe you have been stuck too... because of the challenges you had growing up, you didn’t feel you could express yourself fully, or you are too afraid to be who you really are.


This is something that happens within our societies, and it’s not your fault, but you can change…

Now you may be wondering,

"Where do I start?"

Is there a process that leads to true Abundance?



The 3 Steps to 
​True Abundance :





CLEARING is identifying and releasing limiting beliefs and old negative patterns.


SELF DISCOVERY is getting clear on  who you are and what you want.


CREATION is focusing energy to create and attract abundance.

Now you know the meaning of true abundance, and the 3 steps to achieve it...

you could try to get there by yourself


Choose to be guided with shortcut that will save you time and effort.

Taking the fast track...

As an experienced healer and teacher,

I’d like to take you through the process that I have used for myself AND for thousands of clients...

I’ve been working with clients globally for the past 7 years to help them connect to their true potential.

Based on the results they have been experiencing,

I have decided to create an online program to make this process

available for everyone.


I call this program...

Teaching and helping people to get in alignment in Saumur, France.

Align to Abundance

Align to Abundance is an online program to help you:

  • Release your limiting patterns and beliefs

  • Discover your aligned purpose and passion

  • Manifest what you want in your life more easily

In this program, I have assembled the best tools and teachings. I have tested and implemented them myself and with my clients through the years to get the fastest results.


Since we are using the secrets of the universe and quantum physics, this method will work for you:

  • whether you already know how to connect to energy or not
  • whether you are in your head or not
  • whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or not

I have put my Heart and Soul into this program.


It is not a magical pill. 


It is designed for motivated people who like to take action.

  • People who want to create new things.
  • People who are enthusiastic and curious.
  • People who want to have more flexibility in their schedule and more freedom.
  • People who want to live a FULL and ABUNDANT life.


Do you recognize yourself in the description above?


Then let me show you the entire program...

Align to Abundance

8 weeks step by step guide
to Create and Manifest What you Want in your Life

This year I have been traveling all around the world including Mykonos, Greece

Each week, you get access to 3 new videos of teachings and practical tools to get results quickly.

  • Week 1

    • Activate self awareness and  increase connection to energy to start the path of Abundance
    • Learn the secrets of true abundance


    Value : $160

  • Week 2

    • Release limiting patterns
    • Reconnect to your intuitive powers to tune into your inner guidance


    Value : $350

  • Week 3

    • A highly effective process to have clarity in your life and attract more Abundance
    • The number one tool that I use and teach to  help raise your energy state, let go of old stories and patterns of lack to become more aligned


    Value : $350

  • Week 4

    • Energetically activate new positive patterns to replace sabotaging subconscious patterns
    • My powerful daily rituals for abundance
    • Activate the ability to receive abundance in a more expansive way than you would expect


    Value : $350

  • Week 5

    • My method to Manifest intentions into reality 
    • Learn to be in the flow and live a life of passion


    Value : $350

  • Week 6

    • Energetically connect and download your higher purpose in life
    • Special processes to bring your higher purpose to life
    • Learn the secrets to have a truly fulfilled life


    Value : $350

  • Week 7

    • My specific daily practices for manifesting abundance through alignment
    • My tips to overcome your fear of rejection and failure to confidently live a fulfilled and aligned life


    Value : $350

  • Week 8

    The complete guide to manifest abundance so that you know exactly what to do in every moment, even after completing the course.


    Value : $450

Most online programs focus on either Personal Growth or Healing. Align to Abundance is based on both so that you can access true abundance Faster and more Effectively.

Invest in yourself...

At this stage, you must be wondering how much you need to spend for the Align to Abundance program.


Because working in person with me as a professional healer and teacher is not accessible to everyone, I wanted to create an online course so  that more people will be aligned to their higher purpose and create more abundance in their lives.


As a teacher and from my life experiences, I know the importance of implementation. I know that as human beings we have a tendency to postpone what is important for us... Because I want to make sure that you implement the tools that I share and get the results quickly, I am offering a payment plan for Align to Abundance.

Choose what is right for you...

Total Value :  

$ 3206  


3 x $222

or save $100

with one unique payment of


  • LifeTime Access to the Align to Abundance online course
    (Value : $ 2710 & Unlimited)
  • Access Facebook Align to Abundance Private Group (Value: Unlimited)                              
  • Downloadable files for guided meditations (Value $496)


Imagine your New Life
starting Today...

Waking up feeling passionate, inspired and grateful with a skip in your step.

Feeling so energized and alive as you go through your day, you are beaming happiness to all of those around you.

Feeling how easy it is to make healthy choices like having smoothies and doing daily exercise.


And having the flexibility to decide what you actually want to do throughout your day.

Having the freedom to choose whether it’s working…

or creating something new…

or spending time to relax and enjoy life.


Having more time to spend with the people who matter most... your family, your friends, or your soulmate…


Experiencing abundance financially, in your relationships, and your life experiences.

Join the Align to Abundance Tribe now!

Now that you have all the details about Align to Abundance...

It’s up to you to decide…


  • Whether you want to continue on the same path of the same negative patterns or release them,
  • Whether you want to continue sabotaging your own success or create more,
  • Whether you want to keep doing things that aren’t true to you or live in alignment,
  • Whether you want to keep postponing your happiness while living in stress and anxiety or live fully.

When you don’t listen to your body’s signals for change, your body gives you feedback through stress, anxiety or pain. This can even lead to disease.


But I guess if you have read this page up to this point,

you know what to do…


Start reclaiming your life!


Register now!

What happens after I complete the payment?

Once you click on the button below, you will be redirected to a secure order form.

Just fill out the form with your contact information.


Immediately after completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your login credentials to log into the e-learning platform. You will be able to start the program immediately.

Let me recap what you get
when you join 

Align to Abundance

The LIFE TIME plan: 3 x $202 or 1 x $505


  • Lifetime Access to the Align to Abundance online course
    Value : $ 2710 & Unlimited
  • Access to the Align to Abundance Facebook Private Group - Value : Unlimited
  • Bonus 3: Downloadable files for guided meditations - Value : $496


Ready to join the tribe?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Since I’m fully convinced by the quality of this program, I offer a full satisfaction guarantee where I take all the risk. So...

  • If within 14 days after registering , and you are not satisfied with the content of this program then...
  • Send me an email and I will give your money back.
  • So you don’t have to take any risk!


What the first members of Align to Abundance are saying...

Teresa from Australia

Gwendoline in English

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Working with Stanzie...

What her clients are saying...

"It's the first time in my life I felt energy like this in my heart in my soul in my body [...] I feel more than fully aligned right now. [...]  I could not imagine I could live something like this in my life. It's going to impact not only my project, not only my soul but also people around. Thank you very much Stanzie!


When does the program start?

How long does the program last?

How much time do I need to go through the program each week?

What if I have a question?

How long will I have access to the course?

Do you offer payment conditions?

I have already attended one of your Retreats, how is your program different?

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