Feel Loved,


Inner Peace

Reconnect to your

True Self.

Become a Leader of your Life

This message is for you...

If you are feeling that something isn’t quite right in your life... 


Maybe you feel unfulfilled or lacking purpose in your life...


You feel blocked, stuck, and confused… 


Or you feel unmotivated and lack confidence in what you are trying to create in life.

I can help you!


I have developed a unique energetic healing technique that can release negativity that holds you back.


To help you can clear Anxiety, Depression, Insecurities, Negative thoughts, Grief, Fear of Failure, Trauma, Fear of Rejection, and even Dis-ease. 


I will help you to go deeper than the surface level, so that you have real, lasting results...


This technique can help you to regain Clarity, Confidence, Harmony, and Ease in your life.


So you can live your

Best Life AND Be your Best Self.

The most powerful experience ever...

This is what my clients usually tell me after they experience their first session…


Whether you are already on a spiritual path or not, you probably have never had this kind of experience before…


Even spiritually aware people tell me they have never had such a powerful healing experience.

The Energetic Alignment  will give you major results FAST.


...While other methods take a lot of time...  :-(

What you will experience during this 4 hour program

  • Energetic and breathing processes to access peace and clarity.

  • Easy and useful tools and meditations to access happiness and love.

  • Energetic Healing from Dr. Stanzie to clear negative energy for fast results.

  • Accelerated inner transformation to manifest and create your dreams quickly with ease.

Does Energetic Alignment Healing work at a distance?

I have found that working with energy at a distance is just as effective as in person!


I know it sounds strange, but energy goes beyond time and space.

Thus, you don't have to be physically present to receive energetic healing.

This is scientifically proven through Quantum Mechanics!


It all depends on how willing you are to show up, heal, let go, and transform to something better!


There are 2 options  to accommodate different time zones...
or you can do both!

Session 1 - May 22


- 3pm EST

- 2pm CST

- 1pm MST

- 12pm PST

- 9am HST


Paris 21:00


**Sydney 5:00am on the 23rd of May



Session 2 - May 22


- 6pm HST

- 9pm PST


*Paris 6:00am on May 23rd


*Sydney 2:00pm on May 23rd


*Dubai 8:00am on May 23rd


Each session will last 4 hours.

Is this for you?

If you are ready to heal, let go of the past, and improve your life,

then this is for you!


If you are not willing to change,

then it will be very hard for any healing process to work for you.



Are you ready to  feel happy and joyful?


Are you ready to  have more clarity?


Are you ready to feel more confident?


Are you ready to cultivate self-love and inner peace?


If YES, then this is for YOU!

Join the Energetic Alignment Experience Now!

Working with Dr. Stanzie...

What her clients are saying...

"It's the first time in my life I felt energy like this in my heart in my soul in my body [...] I feel more than fully aligned right now. [...]  I could not imagine I could live something like this in my life. It's going to impact not only my project, not only my soul but also people around. Thank you very much Stanzie!


What will happen after I register?

You will receive an email prior to the event with further details on how to prepare and with a link to participate live.

I have already experienced an Energetic Alignment session before... Should I do another one?

Yes! Most likely you have practiced unhealthy patterns for most of you life. Also, there are continuous external stressors in modern day life. If you want to function optimally and continue to evolve to a happier healthier person, then getting regular Energetic Alignments can be your best self care! Not to mention it's a game changer! Are you ready to go to the next level of your life?

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