How would you Like to Start Your Day
with a Flow of Energy and Abundance?

  • Elevate your energy state

    And align your chakras.

  • Let the energy flow within your body

    By letting go of old patterns and energy blocks.

  • Inner guidance and Clarity

    Through deeper connection to yourself.

  • Manifest your dreams into reality

    Through gratitude and visualisation.

Get into Your Optimal Energy State Quickly.

The Daily Alignment Meditation is a 20 minute powerful meditation that I created to quickly get into an optimal energy state as a baseline for each day.

It sets up your day for success, ease, and flow.
I have been practicing this meditation daily and teaching it to my clients, because it works so well.

My clients tell me that it's exactly what they need to get the most out their day.

This Meditation will help you:

  • Elevate your energy state and align your chakras

  • Let go of old patterns and stuck energy quickly and easily

  • Experience deeper connection to yourself for Inner Guidance and Clarity

  • Manifest and create your dreams into reality

Also, it is a very effective way to release stress and negative patterns, so you can live with greater health and well-being.

During the Daily Alignment Meditation, I will take you through different meditative processes- each one with a specific purpose.

What you will experience:

  • Powerful Breathing exercises to help you get into a Relaxed state and Activate both hemispheres of the brain.

  • An easy Mantra to activate your Pineal gland or Third Eye for greater consciousness and energetic connection.

  • Specific processes to circulate Energy and life force through your body for physical Health and Well-being.

  • Ways to connect to an Abundance of energy within your body and in the energetic field.

  • Quick and Easy manifesting tools to live your best life.

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    Dr. Stanzie Langtree

    With clients spanning the globe, Dr. Stanzie Langtree has served thousands of clients including celebrities, leaders and entrepreneurs to help them access more Love, Joy, and Abundance through transformative, energetic, and self-awareness modalities.


    Dr. Stanzie started her career of healing and transformation as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Also, she has studied and taught yoga for over 11 years. Her knowledge of science and ancient wisdom has led her to help thousands of people transform their bodies, minds, and lives.

    She has developed many techniques and methods of energetic healing and transformation. She tours the world offering transformative healing programs live and online.

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