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How to Live Your Best Life!

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Align to Abundance

An 8 week program to
Live Your Best Life with Confidence and Ease

This year I have been traveling all around the world including Mykonos, Greece

Each week, you get access to 3 new videos of teachings and practical tools to get results quickly.

  • Week 1

    • Self-awareness Tools and Learn to Connect to Energy
    • Learn the secrets to attract abundance


    Value : $160

  • Week 2

    • Release limiting patterns
    • Reconnect to your intuition and use it


    Value : $350

  • Week 3

    • An in depth process to gain clarity on your life purpose and to live it.
    • The number one tool that I use to raise your energy state, let go of old patterns, and  become more aligned


    Value : $350

  • Week 4

    • Replace self-sabotaging patterns with self-love practices
    • Daily rituals for attracting abundance
    • Learn how to Receive abundance


    Value : $350

  • Week 5

    • My methods to Manifest Visions into Reality
    • Learn how to be in the flow to live with ease


    Value : $350

  • Week 6

    • Energetically connect and download your higher purpose in life
    • Special processes to bring your higher purpose to life
    • Learn the secrets to have a truly fulfilled life


    Value : $350

  • Week 7

    • My specific daily practices for manifesting abundance through alignment
    • Overcome your fear of rejection and failure to confidently live your best life


    Value : $350

  • Week 8

    My complete guide to manifest abundance so you can practice and live it every day.


    Value : $450

Most online programs work at a surface level and don't give you the results.

This course is different.

It will give you everything you need to live your best life!


This program comes with special bonuses.



With this tool, you will start to develop a connection and sense of energy,
which can then be channeled into whatever you are focusing on or creating...
this helps to more quickly manifest intentions into reality.

Value :$88




This special Sound Healing Meditation will help relax your body and your mind.

It will help you get into balance and coherence, so that you are able to go from lack and scarcity to becoming open to receive abundance.

Value :$40




A very special Full Moon Activation Video Replay session  for what is supposed to be the most powerful full moon of the year.

Value :$100


Choose what is right for you...

Total Value :  


4 x $88

or save $64

with one payment of



  • 6 Months Access to the Align to Abundance online course
    (Value : $ 2710)
  • Access Facebook Align to Abundance Private Group (Value: Unlimited)                                            
  • Bonus #1:  "5 Minutes to Connect" (Value: $88)                       
  • Bonus #2: Special Sound Healing Meditation (Value $40)
  • Bonus #3: Full Moon LIVE Activation (Value $100)


3 x $222

or save $111

with one payment of


  • LifeTime Access to the Align to Abundance online course
    (Value : $ 2710 & Unlimited)
  • Access Facebook Align to Abundance Private Group (Value: Unlimited)            
  • Bonus #1: "5 Minutes to Connect" (Value: $88)                       
  • Bonus #2: Special Sound Healing Meditation (Value $40) 
    Bonus #3: Full Moon LIVE Activation (Value $100)                  
  • Downloadable files for guided meditations (Value $496)


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Since I’m fully convinced by the quality of this program, I offer a full satisfaction guarantee where I take all the risk. So...

  • If within 14 days after registering , and you are not satisfied with the content of this program then...
  • Send me an email and I will give your money back.
  • So you don’t have to take any risk!


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Working with Stanzie...

What her clients are saying...

"It's the first time in my life I felt energy like this in my heart in my soul in my body [...] I feel more than fully aligned right now. [...]  I could not imagine I could live something like this in my life. It's going to impact not only my project, not only my soul but also people around. Thank you very much Stanzie!


When does the program start?

How long does the program last?

How much time do I need to go through the program each week?

What if I have a question?

How long will I have access to the course?

Do you offer payment conditions?

I have already attended one of your Retreats, how is your program different?

In Align to Abundance course, I teach some of the tools shared during the retreats and some other content that is brand new with a focus on Abundance. Also, the online course is a perfect way to implement the work done previously on a long term basis.

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