Live Your Best Life...
Create more Abundance
with Clarity, Confidence, and Ease.

Prosperity, Enjoying Life, Meaningful Relationships, Health, And Living Your Best Life! 
This is what Abundance is all about.

Have you ever wanted to...

    • Feel more confident everyday?
    • Work less and have faster results?
    • Live your best life with passion?
    • Feel energized to take action on your goals?
    • Have clarity on your purpose?
    • Know and Trust your intuition?
    • Be Authentic and Thrive?

Teaching in Saumur, France.

This Online Course Can Help You...

Align to Abundance is an online program to help you:

  • Release your limiting patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck

  • Discover your purpose to live with passion

  • Manifest what you want in your life  quickly and easily

Align to Abundance

An 8 week step-by-step program
to Manifest Abundance and Live Your Best Life!

Each week, you get access to 3 new videos of teachings and practical tools to get results quickly.

  • Week 1

    • Self-awareness tools and Connect to Energy
    • Learn the secrets of attracting abundance


    Value : $160

  • Week 2

    • Release limiting patterns
    • Reconnect to your intuition


    Value : $350

  • Week 3

    • Gain clarity and confidence on your life purpose
    • The number one tool that I use to raise your energy state, let go of old patterns, and become more aligned


    Value : $350

  • Week 4

    • Replace self-sabotage with self-love
    • Daily rituals for attracting abundance
    • Learn the art of receiving


    Value : $350

  • Week 5

    • My unique method to Manifest dreams into reality
    • Experience life with flow and passion


    Value : $350

  • Week 6

    • An in depth process to find and live your higher purpose
    • Learn the secrets to have a fulfilled life


    Value : $350

  • Week 7

    • Daily practices for ease and prosperity
    • My tips to overcome fear of rejection and failure to live with confidence


    Value : $350

  • Week 8

    The complete guide to manifesting abundance and how to practice it every day for a successful and abundant life!


    Value : $450

Choose what is right for you...

Total Value :  

$ 3206  


3 x $222

or save $100

with one unique payment of


  • LifeTime Access to the Align to Abundance online course
    (Value : $ 3206 )
  • Access Facebook Align to Abundance Private Group (Value: Unlimited)                              
  • Downloadable files for guided meditations (Value: Unlimited)


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Since I’m fully convinced by the quality of this program, I offer a full satisfaction guarantee where I take all the risk.


  • If within 14 days after registering ,  you are not satisfied with the content of this program then...
  • Send me an email and I will give your money back.
  • So you don’t have to take any risk!


What the first members of Align to Abundance are saying...

Teresa from Australia

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Working with Stanzie...

What her clients are saying...

"It's the first time in my life I felt energy like this in my heart in my soul in my body [...] I feel more than fully aligned right now. [...]  I could not imagine I could live something like this in my life. It's going to impact not only my project, not only my soul but also people around. Thank you very much Stanzie!


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